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Renewmyday was founded by Renee and Marc in collaboration with a team of amazing experts, our platform developers and designers, our digital marketing crew and last but not least our Vitality Board of medical thought leaders and scientists. 



Hi, I am Renee. I am the founder of Renewmyday. During my work life in the financial services industry I have become aware that prioritising vitality will keep you happy and productive in your work. In Renewmyday I found my outlet for the thousands of thoughts and ideas I have accumulated on this subject over time. My dream is to be the advocate for people to find their inner switch to unlock vitality. With Renewmyday I share that every path, how adventurous or ambitious it might be, starts with a healthy body & mind. 



Hi, I'm Marc, co-founder of Renewmyday. After several commercial management and interim roles in the Netherlands and China, I'm excited to be back in an entrepreneurial role. Renewmyday's principles and offering coincide with my personal journey towards living my intentional life. I find it very fulfilling to work with amazing experts and to design life changing programs. 

Take charge of your life!

David Brooks, author of ‘The Second Mountain’ expresses the context of our vision vividly: "We are programmed to compete and march towards a mountain top that quite often is not fulfilling at all when reached. At a certain point in life most people come to realise that there is another mountain; one that is about the things that are truly worth wanting, close to one’s heart or authentic self, not the things other people tell us to want." 

There is a fair chance that jour journey towards or on this “second mountain” is something you long for. Our 12-week program facilitates you on this journey. It is a journey that begins with a reset, increasing your awareness, breaking with old habits and thought patterns, setting new intentions and apply the right attention to reach your goals. In our view the foundation for this process is in improving and protecting your energy, or by prioritising your vitality in our view. Your energy will flow, allowing you to claim your ‘super powers’. When you are stepping into your power, it allows you to take charge of you live, and Iive a life filled with joy and purpose. That is our vision for you! 

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