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Hi! I am Amanda MacRae, one of the experts for Renewmyday and a somatic therapist & breathwork practitioner. Originally from Sydney, now living and working in Amsterdam. My purpose for any teaching is to empower others to have a closer relationship with their total self by identifying and dissolving the limiting mental, emotional behavior pattern through the body. 

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My holistic approach to wellness reflects my life-long love and interest in mind-body healing practices. My experience from working with thousands of clients from different cultures and backgrounds has given me the opportunity to develop myself to the breathing professional I am today. Originally from Sydney's beautiful Northern Beaches, I first established my somatic practice in Los Angeles 10 years ago. My practice and home base is now in Amsterdam.  Before establishing my somatic practice, I worked within the fast-paced television, advertising, and production industries. In my teens and early 20's I was a competitive athlete making teaching me how to achieve things with effort. However learning how to achieve things effortlessly has been the most powerful embodiment lesson for me. The body-based somatic approach I use is based on years of study and the practice of various methodologies from around the world - I absolutely geek out on mind-body healing practices, so my list of studies and interest in this space is ever-evolving. Vitality is an experience of aliveness that comes when we no longer limit our unique and authentic self. 


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