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Hi! My name is Dave Billy, one of the experts of Renewmyday. I’m a physiotherapist, personal trainer and founder of a Boutique Studio – Beyondfit.
My purpose is helping and inspiring people to develop a strong mindset to get healthier and fitter in order to overcome life's challenges. And this only possible with an holistic approach towards health. 

Let me help you become your best active self with my short workout videos!


About Dave

I come from a background of creativity i.e. Arts and music. Unfortunately this did not offer great opportunities during my teen years and living in Namibia and Tanzania. I then decided to pursue fitness. The passion of fitness grew in me as it was a method for me to build self-confidence and cultivate a strong resilient mindset; especially  during my younger years, as I was pretty chubby, had low self-esteem and got bullied at school. I entered the fitness world, did my personal training diploma which then eventually inspired me to do more. That is why I became a Physiotherapist. 

I now work as a physiotherapist since 2008. I have worked with a diverse group of people such as rugby, water polo and football players, geriatrics and fitness fanatics. Today I am the founder of Beyondfit. A small scale boutique gym in Amsterdam Oud-West that focuses on lifestyle coaching with a holistic approach. We believe that living a happy life doesn’t happen by chance. Up-keeping a healthy body & mind are essential; it’s a necessity if you wish to live positively every day.


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