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Hi! My name is Jacquie Stebbings and I'm a CTI certified life coach and reflection expert for Renewmyday. I am here to help you boldly act toward what matters most to you in your life. 


About Jacquie

Before becoming a CTI certified coach (2004), I founded and ran a rehabilitation company in Vancouver, Canada. With a team of therapists & kinesiologists, we helped rehabilitate people with brain and physical injuries. 10 Years later I traded that company for motherhood. Later we moved to Switzerland and some years later back to Vancouver again, expanding my coaching practice. 

I know that it takes courage and sometimes a dose of blind faith to shake off your self-imposed beliefs and go for what you really want. I know first hand how hard it can be to say YES to yourself! And yet, when you go for it, even when it's messy, you not only start to build momentum and energy but you start to SEE real positive results. 

With Renewmyday I'm supporting you to say YES to yourself and set clear intentions to become the best version of you! 


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