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Hi! My name is Maritza Marbus I am one of the experts of Renewmyday and founder of Pilates in Movement Amsterdam.  My purpose is to encourage as many people as possible to do Pilates.

Let me help guide you on your journey, so you can boost your vitality and transform your life!


About Maritza

I am a former dancer, now providing  Pilates classes for beginners and advanced groups. Renewmyday meets the need to provide a moment in your day where you start working on becoming more vital. I am convinced that health, vitality and a conscious mind gives you quality of life, and with the help of Renewmyday we can help you achieve this! Pilates creates a strong physical base which you can use in daily life and activities. Pilates also gives you a full-fledged, high quality work-out. You are exercising with the help of strength, flexibility and controlled movements. Breathing and concentration making it a body and mind experience. 


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