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Renee Graadt van Roggen 

Founder of Renewmyday

I’m Renee, founder of Renewmyday. It is my conviction that optimal health and vitality start with mastering your own life. With heavy workloads, deadline pressures, my striving for achievement, and an incapability to switch off, I found myself in a burn-out twice. “My body was running on adrenaline constantly feeling to run a marathon at a sprint pace”. "I felt trapped in my roles as Sales Executive, mother, partner, sister, friend and realized that getting out was the only way forward. But I would take myself along on my next path, so I had to (re)invent a new lifestyle to prevent myself from counteracting my particular pattern of burn-out. I discovered that my life flourishes when I consciously prioritize vitality in my daily routines.




About me

I grew up in Rotterdam and studied Corporate law in Amsterdam. I have 3 beautiful daughters and 2 bonus kids thanks to my new partner. 

I am passionate about becoming more conscious in all areas of my life and spirituality and yoga are the foundational pillars for my personal development. Recently, I completed a vigorous vinyasa teacher training. Music has always been a way for me to express my creativity. I play the violin and the piano. 

I love my social life and very much enjoy taking long walks and listening to books and podcasts. I am interested to hear about other peoples’ lives. I tend to feel different from the rest of the world, which does not make me feel lonely anymore. I am a bit quirky, sometimes ego centered, despite all I have learned about the ego in the past years.

My contribution to the creation of the global brand TMF Group gave me wings. The daily dopamine shot was the reward for my energy-consuming lifestyle. Exhausting! How could I turn the tide and become the master of my life again?

Through study, I discovered that the main building blocks for optimal vitality consist of moving, sleeping, eating, breathing, and reflecting, and how these are mutually reinforcing. A balanced and regular activation of these building blocks gave back the energy to live the lifestyle which best serves me.

‘Vitality first’ became my mantra and I felt propelled to share my learnings with the wider community. The ‘how to’ would be a low-entry platform under the guidance of the best experts, where everyone would be able to unlock vitality and find their best-balanced lifestyle in one click. Renewmyday was born. 

With Renewmyday I follow my dream to help high functioning people who tend to forget that their achievements will only lead to fulfillment and success if their wellbeing is prioritized. When we live a conscious lifestyle that focuses on optimal vitality, we shift from surviving to thriving. Join me in making this lifestyle yours as well!


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