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Hi there! My name is Rhea Stiekema, yoga expert and most honoured to share my expertise on the Renewmyday platform. Throughout the years I had a lot of questions about who I am and why I am here. This process made me aware of my inner knowledge and my self-healing ability. My purpose is to support others to activate and accelerate their own healing capacity. We are all capable of unlocking our superpowers and reprogramming our system ourselves. I can only help to speed up this process. You learn and heal yourself and at your own pace.

Let me help you to bring back your inner balance!





About Rhea Stiekema

I have always been working as a guide and teacher in extreme sports. For my studies I moved to Amsterdam where I didn't feel like I belonged. I changed my path and became active as a guide and outdoor sports coach. From 2012, I started as a yoga instructor and have taught myself all sorts of styles. During that time I suffered from many physical injuries and various traumatic experiences. I was not paying attention to my body and system, which led to neurological pain disease that made it impossible for me to numb my pain or to run away from myself. I didn't know then how to heal myself and doctors could not help me. This motivated me to find and learn more about my self-healing ability. The last three years I dedicated to develop a practice which is open for everybody, to find inner balance and motivation. 



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