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Hi! My name is Sarah de Mol, one of the experts of Renewmyday. I’m a professional personal trainer, originally from London, now living and working in Amsterdam. I work with all ages and abilities, especially focusing on women's fitness. My purpose is helping and inspiring people to develop a strong body that helps you feel positive and happy.

Let me help you strengthen your body with my short workout videos, anytime and anywhere!




About Sarah

I'm a personal trainer with 15 years of experience. Sport has always been a major part of my life since a young child. In 2006, after having my children, I decided to pursue a career in the one thing I felt passionate about and became a certified personal trainer.

My personal mission as a trainer is to help people to feel better, move better and most importantly have fun whilst doing it. Keeping fit should be pleasurable and not a chore, a condition for it to become part of your everyday life. 

To me, vitality is feeling happy, healthy and energetic. Having a strong body is important as not only does it help to avoid injuries, it helps to make feel positive about things and be able to deal with the more demanding side of life. Besides all of this vitality makes me feel young and gives me a spring in my step! Renewmyday provides for the whole package – it motivates people in all aspects of their day, helping to enrich their lives.



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