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As we have outlined, when you are reaching for a new behaviour (in your case, new vitality habits), you need to think differently. Changing a thought may sound simple enough and it is however, with this one warning: unless you deliberately choose a positive new thought, your familiar old thoughts will flood back in.

What will help you to affirm the new habit? What helps you to keep your thoughts pointed in the right direction? 

The Reflection building block has provided you with the tools for your mind. The four other building blocks have provided you with the habits to support how you move, sleep, breath and eat.

You have what you need and now is the time for you to source one more element. 

All successful people have achieved their goals with the support of one other person who is in harmony with their goal. That is it. You only need one person who sees who you aspire to be and will support you being the new you, no matter what. 

This one person in your life will not stand for you to argue for your limitations. This one person knows you can be, do and have anything you set your mind to.

Question: without overthinking it, identify the first person who comes to your mind when you think about who in your life is most in harmony with you (and therefore your goal). Whoever first popped into your head, is the person to contact. 

Ask him or her to be your ‘accountability person’ and let them know what would help you most to stay on the right track with your goals. Let them know how they can support you and how frequently you would like to update them on your progress. Design what you need.

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