Here is another tool to support all that you are doing for your vitality. It may surprise you to know that Appreciation, as a practice, is guaranteed to amplify whatever you are doing well.

Use this simple tool to support your vitality habits and your desire to feel better and better. 

Like Attitude, practicing sincere appreciation is another tool in the toolbox of successful people. 

When you start to actively appreciate anything in your life, when you really FEEL your appreciation, you begin to attract experiences, people, ideas, and things for which to feel more gratitude. 

What you appreciate doesn’t even need to be big! 

Something as simple as appreciating the clean air that you breathe or the water that comes from your kitchen tap, will create the desired amplification of positivity in your life.

The purpose of deliberate appreciation is, first and foremost, to simply feel good; whenever we put our sincere attention on what is good in our life, we are naturally uplifted. 

Additionally, your deliberate appreciation will also lift your energy. It will attract to you more positive experiences for which to feel more and more appreciation. 

Appreciate your new vitality and amplify what you are doing well. Use appreciation to easily create the positive feedback loop in your life.  

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