Better sex with nasal breathing

It’s no secret any more that stress is the single biggest threat to living a long, healthy, productive life, but did you know that stress can seriously impact your love life?

Any nature program can confirm that access to plenty of food and few natural enemies make the species increase in numbers and spread, while drought and harsh conditions lead to survival being prioritized over reproduction.

The latter can be called high stress and humans are affected in the same way. Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and a reduced libido are all closely tied to different kinds of excess stress. Good breathing is a fantastic tool to reduce inner stress and thereby improve one’s sexual prowess.

How we breathe has a huge impact on our ability to maintain a balanced nervous system. Mouth breathing increases sympathetic activity (the fight-or-flight response), while nasal breathing and extended exhalation increases parasympathetic activity (braking effect or rest and digest) which leads to recovery and lowered stress.

Tantric sex and other techniques place great importance on breathing in a relaxed and rhythmical manner to increase sexual prowess and pleasure.

Low stress increases sex drive and ability to achieve an erection

The ability to achieve an erection is linked to a relaxed body, where the parasympathetic part of the nervous system is more active than the sympathetic part. Ejaculation, on the other hand, is activated by the sympathetic part of the nervous system.

Stress increases sympathetic activity, making the muscles surrounding the penis tighter, and therefore harder for it to fill up with blood. Reduced blood flow to the penis will make it difficult, or even impossible, to achieve an erection. Even if an erection can be achieved, a high level of stress can contribute to premature ejaculation.

The concept is the same for women. Stress and high sympathetic activity leads to tightened muscles and a subsequent difficulty for the clitoris to fill with blood, which in turn reduces the sex drive.

Nasal breathing increases sexual ability

There is a close connection between the nose and sexual prowess. Nitric oxide (NO), is a substance produced in large quantities by the sinuses in the nose. When inhaling through the nose, the NO is taken by the inhaled air down to the lungs where it widens the airways and the blood vessels, which leads to more effective breathing and increased oxygen uptake.

Female sex drive, hormones, the menstrual cycle and breathing

The female sex drive can vary in line with the menstrual cycle. One reason for this is that the hormone progesterone affects breathing. The levels of progesterone are typically higher between the 15th and 28th days of the menstrual cycle. A high level of progesterone increases breathing and, therefore, the outflow of carbon dioxide.

About a week after ovulation, around the 22nd day and for a few days after, carbon dioxide levels are usually at their lowest. This low level can contribute to a reduced sex drive due to the association between low carbon dioxide levels and worsened oxygen uptake in the body. If the carbon dioxide level is already lower than normal around ovulation, due to stressed breathing, then the increased progesterone level results in even lower CO2 levels, impacting the sex drive even further.

Low carbon dioxide levels acts on smooth muscles to tighten them, and as the uterus comprises of smooth muscles, these low levels can contribute to menstrual pains caused by cramping muscles in the uterus.

Women normally feel at their best between the 1st and 14th days of the menstrual cycle, which coincides with the blood carbon dioxide levels being at their highest (and progesterone levels at their lowest). The last week of the cycle is normally the worst, which coincides with carbon dioxide levels being at their lowest (and progesterone levels at their highest).

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