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Renewmyday aims to help people to take charge of their lives, with personal success and ultimately joy and purpose, by improving and protecting their energy. This requires focus on vitality. We make vitality accessible and practical, by offering a 12-week online program, co-created with a group of international experts, who offer daily tips and audio & video sessions covering the 5 vitality pillars Move, Sleep, Eat, Breathe and Reflect. The combination of these pillars, or a holistic approach to body, mind and spirit, deliver faster results that are also more sustainable, when routines become part of an everyday lifestyle. 

In Western medicine we have broken the human body down into so many elements that we seem to have lost sight of the fact that we are dealing with a complete human being and an ingenious collaborative, balanced system. Some holistic practitioners ‘blame’ Rene Descartes, a 17th century French philosopher, mathematician and great thinker, who had a profound affect on science. At that time healthcare and medicine suffered a great lack of structure. Descartes suggested to consider the body as a machine that had to be broken down into the smalles parts in order to understand its functioning. He also suggested that the mind and body needed to be considered separate. While this may have had more to do with satisfying the church at the time it has had a dramatic affect on how we approach diseases of all kinds, whether the symptom of the disease is physical or mental

I was first introduced to a holistic approach to health through TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine, which goes back 2-3000 years) living in Amsterdam in the late nineties seeking help from a Chinese doctor when my lower back problems were not solved by my physiotherapist or chiropractor. The Chinese doctor took my wrist and measured my pulse, while I had to stick my tongue out. “The problem is in my lower back” I was thinking, but I surrendered to the doctor. He treated me with acupuncture, not only by just putting needles in my back, and I had to drink some herbal tea for a week or two. His plan was to treat both the inside and outside. I don't know if it was the acupuncture or the herbs, or both, but my lower back pain was gone. 

A few years later I was visiting my sister in Malaysia in the Northern town of Ipoh. There was a small Ayurvedic clinic that had a good reputation for overall health practices. I was convinced to take an 8-day ‘rejuvenation’ treatment, including massages with aromatherapy and a cleansing. I consulted the Aryuvedic doctor, who (again) was interested in my pulse, my tongue and my eyes. Based on his diagnosis I learned about my biological constitution of ether, air, earth, fire and water, as well the three doshas -forms of energy- Vata, Pitta and Kapha. In Ayurvedic medicine every person comprises of the same elements but in unique constitutions and that by knowing your personal balances you know e.g. how to eat and how to move in order to feel well. In my case I was rubbed in a personalised oil cocktail by two strong gentlemen for 8 days in a row, with a cleanse on day 5, lying on a wooden plank. The therapy itself was painful and not wat I expected (e.g. 2 lovely ladies and a spa like setting), but the result was amazing. Something happened. It felt like my energy was doubled and so it stayed for about a year or so. The therapy must have rebalanced my biochemistry.

Both TCM and Ayurveda are rooted in Asian societies for 1000's of years with a totally different view on the human body, mind and spirit. These ancient medicines seem to have a profound understanding of the connection between physical, mental and spiritual well-being and focus greatly on feeling well and thus preventing illness rather than treating illness and preventing people from dying. In the West however, we may have become more advanced in curing (or repairing) trauma (e.g. broken bones), but the holistic health approach and focus on prevention could still learn from traditional medicine approaches such as TCM and Ayurveda.

When I first met Renee, I learned about her intention to create a holistic health platform with Renewmyday. It struck a chord. I was -again- hungry for change and ready to put my acquired Asian ‘wisdom’ next to more ‘earthly’ experiences into practice.

The Renewmyday approach resonates with above mentioned holistic health principles in the sense that the human body is an ingenious collaborative system, where what we eat and how we digest impacts how we move and how we sleep. The way we breathe impacts our mind and our sleep, as well as our capability to move. There is a clear link between over-breathing, that increases the pH value in our blood, and cravings for food and drink that lowers the pH; e.g. fast food, fast carbs, candy, soda, ice cream and cookies. Reflecting or adding consciousness to the way we eat, move and breathe will impact its effectiveness; e.g. how nutrients will be absorbed, our muscles work or how oxygen is exported to our cells. There are many more examples of these relationships that are either unknown or not too obvious. 

We are lucky to have some internationally renowned scientists (a.o. a cardiologist, neuro-scientist, psychologist, .. ) in our Vitality Board who underline these principles and confirm how our Western lifestyle has pulled many of us in a seemingly vicious circle of bad breathing patterns, bad eating patterns, impacting energy levels and weight, resulting in lack of movement and all kinds of mental and physical issues amplifying each other. 

Renewmyday believes that it is not too late to take control in your own hands and to become the pilot of a new healthy life. We also believe that the next step is not a quantum leap, but a tiny step towards improvement. First become aware of the choices you make and how these impact your health or how these keep you away from reaching your full potential. Set a new intention and be aware of (new) decisions you make and how these contribute to your intention. We will offer plenty of tips and inspiration to take matters in your own hands. 

Renewmyday gives you insights in your current vitality. These insights lead to a personal dashboard, where you will be inspired from day to day to improve the way you move, sleep, eat, breathe and reflect. We offer expert guided tips, audio and video, all in short (~7-10) minute formats so they can easily be integrated in a morning, afternoon or evening routine. 

We hope to see you again soon on Renewmyday.com.

Best, Marc

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