Using your mind - perception (3/3)

We now know that we think in pictures and how important it is to create a picture in your mind’s eye of you with greater vitality in order to move toward the new you.

We know that seeing this picture first thing in the morning, last thing at night and throughout your day will profoundly help you to realise your goal. 

The more you see where you are going, the more you’ll be inspired to keep taking action steps, big and small, to get you there.

Now let’s strengthen another tool you already have:  

Tool #3 Perception 

This tool is waiting for you to use it in order to see a problem in a new way. You can use this tool to your vitality goals or any difficult situation you’re facing in your life. The goal is to see things in a new way. 

Note: For every problem there already exists a solution, for every question there is already an answer. Problems and solutions, (questions and answers), they embody different vibrations or energies from each other.  

Stated another way: the energy of the problem is different from the energy of the solution. 

5-Step Perception Exercise: See and act in a new way! 

  1. Identify the problem;
  2. Write the problem on a piece of paper. The problem is now no longer ‘in’ you, rather it is on the page;
  3. Walk away. Take a break. Get away from the energy of the problem so that you can move toward the new energy of the solution;
  4. When you are feeling refreshed (it may even be the next day), place the piece of paper in the middle of a table. Imagine three or four people you respect (fictional or real, known or unknown). In order to generate new solutions or answers, ask yourself what each person would say in response to the problem;
  5. Once a new idea appears that you like, take that inspired action.

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