When your staff's energy flows, your organisation will radiate!

We help businesses to radiate

Our concept of a ‘radiating’ business

In our concept a radiating business has a culture that invites their people to be their total self; a must have as only then people are utilising their ‘super powers’. We believe that being your total self is strongly related with protecting your energy. 

Given the huge challenges today's society is facing with high amounts of people experiencing chronic stress and burn-outs, it is of utmost importance for those who give lots of their time and emotional space to be able to replenish it.

Offer your staff the framework to improve and protect their energy

We have developed a 12-week program that facilitates employees to prioritise their vitality, which leads to improved energy. During the 12 weeks our users, who we call “renewers”, learn to embed new habits, integrating the 5 vitality pillars Move, Sleep, Eat, Breathe and Reflect. These pillars are mutually reinforcing and therefore offer an efficient and effective way to improve and protect a user's energy. This will allow them to step into their power and be of greater value to your organisation.  

Tangible benefits are that Renewers have more energy, more focus, better immunity and live a more joy- and purposeful life. You may loose some people who will find their salvation elsewhere, but that only decreases your challenges with presenteeism, a much bigger problem than absenteeism!  

Our global offering

We have built a robust, scalable, online platform in English, with international experts. We are happy to service organisations around the globe. Our offering is targeting L&D (Learning & Development) managers, who see the benefits of offering these extremely important soft skills to their staff. 

Next step

If your L&D budget allows so, we'd like to discuss a package deal based on the number of users that embark on our 12-week online program, possibly complemented by monthly ‘maintenance’. We are happy to create a few vouchers to test our offering.

In addition we'd love to discuss bespoke solutions, including kick-off sessions, expert guided live streams (e.g. a mass-reflection, co-creation, breathing, morning exercise) or healthy lunch solutions. Please reach out to us on info@renewmyday.com for more information.



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