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Hi, I'm Marc, co-founder of Renewmyday. It is my purpose to help people to become the best version of themselves through our online platform promoting a healthy well-balanced lifestyle. Our programs focus on integration of the way you move, sleep, eat, breathe consciously and reflect into a daily routine. Activating these 5 building blocks offers synergies as most of them amplify others.

About me

I grew up in the North-East part of Holland and had a pleasant childhood. I did not really encounter any big challenges; life was a breeze. In my early career, after studying business administration, I had account and sales management roles in financial services and IT. I didn't really know what I wanted in life; again, I just followed what life had to offer. I started a media company in 2003, which was a good first step towards being autonomous and more creative; that I did know! I wanted to be autonomous. 

I sold my shares in the company late 2007 to my business partner. It was certainly not a big exit, but I had a bit of buffer to travel and to have a good break continueing my personal journey; I was hungry for change. I moved from Amsterdam to Shanghai, China early 2008, following a former university friend (now the mother of my beautiful daughter and still happily together). I started a brand consultancy practice helping international brands launching in the Chinese (later predominantly online) market. 

It was in China that I was introduced to a new and more well-balanced lifestyle of eating healthy food, practicing yoga, meditation, next to regular other exercises. I also met practitioners of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Aryuvedic (Indian) medicine (in Malaysia) that gave me a new perspective on health; one that is more focused on becoming and staying healthy, rather than curing symptoms. More than 10 years in China also taught me how the mental and spiritual world is connected and balanced with the physical world. These new habits and insights gave me new tools to be more in the driver seat and to explore and tap into more of my true potential. 

Back in Europe, I wish to continue my learnings and convey this holistic view of health to more people. I choose to work with Renee to develop a platform where we connect experts and knowledge with more people who wish to utilise their full potential. 

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