Get to know Sarah Koning

Hi! My name is Sandra Koning, I am one of the cooking experts of Renewmyday. My purpose is to contribute to people’s healthy lifestyle by cooking gluten free, lactose free, paleo. 

Let me help you to integrate vitality into your life by sharing and cooking my delicious, easy and healthy recipes!



About Sandra

Healthy nutrition and a vital lifestyle support a good, well-functioning immune system. This is of major importance nowadays. I also prepare take away meals, provide catering services, coach people with essential oils and a healthy lifestyle and offer workshops. I try to cook everything myself, which I love to do on a daily basis. More and more I hear that people have no time or are not feeling like cooking. Let alone cooking paleo or gluten free. This is why I started to prepare gluten free meals. Vitality to me means that the body and mind are in balance which can be achieved via good nutrition, exercising, calmness and stress management while reducing toxic substances. 

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