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Our program is a mixture of short audio & video sessions and short explanatory messages from our experts. In 12 weeks you will build your new habits. Prioritizing your vitality will become a pattern, and continuous vitality improvement a fact. 

The ongoing support provided by our experts in live stream sessions as well as our weekly online Q&A makes our program different from all other programs and apps.

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Your 12-week journey

Initial vitality assessment

Your program starts with a vitality assessment which includes less than 30 multiple choice questions. The obtained insights in your current behavior regarding the 5 vitality pillars will help to measure future progress.

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Personal program

Your personal program is being generated tailored to your goals. In your daily schedule you will find morning, afternoon and evening sessions and tips to improve your health habits. Since Renewmyday sees to a conscious activation of things you already normally do, the extra time to be spent on the program varies from 10 to 20 minutes per day. If you miss a day or two, no worries; you can always go back to earlier days and pause or re-start your program.

See your progress

During the program, there are weekly several check-in moments to measure your progress. Your answers will impact your vitality score, which you can view, together with your progress, in your personal dashboard.

"As a vascular surgeon, I have seen the devastating effects of an unhealthy lifestyle. Renewmyday has cracked the code to make good health accessible to everybody”

Prof. Dr. Willem Wisselink - chairman of the Renewmyday Medical Board

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Unique 12 week program
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"Renewmyday offers me the right inspiration with 5-10 minute exercises that I can fit in my busy schedule, plus great practices to reduce stress.”

Eileen K, Huizen

Eileen K., Huizen
Member since January 2021

"Renewmyday has helped me to increase my vitality. I particularly love the daily breathing exercises and the wonderful recipes.”

Danielle S, Bussum

Danielle S., Bussum
Member sinde December 2021

“Being an artist I find it difficult to prioritise my vitality. Renewmyday keeps me conscious of the consequences of my decisions.”

Mark M, Amsterdam

Mark M., Amsterdam
Member since January 2022

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