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Taking charge of your life starts with a ‘vitality first’ mind-set, or prioritising vitality over anything else. This mind-set helps you to protect and improve your energy, allowing you to consciously activate the 5 vitality pillars ‘move, sleep, eat, breathe and reflect’ regularly. Progression will not happen overnight, but starts with small steps that can lead to major changes.

Prof. Dr. Willem Wisselink explains


Prof. Dr. Willem Wisselink
Vascular Surgeon and Chairman of the Renewmyday Medical Board

The science behind our concept

There is substantial scientific proof that the 5 pillars move, sleep, eat, breathe and reflect have mutually reinforcing impact. Activation one pillar, produces effects on the other pillars, having a multiplier effect on your vitality. The efficiency of our holistic approach makes the impact much more powerful and sustainable.

Start with small steps


Wilf O’reilly
Olympic speedskater

Your state of mind in relation to the 5 vitality pillars

Depending on your state of mind, you will show different patterns with respect to the different pillars. Your breath may be shallow due to chronic stress, influencing your energy to move sufficiently, leading to less restorative sleep, causing sugar cravings. Our initial Vitality Assessment will give some good pointers for improvement, based on which your personal program will be generated.

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Unique 12 week program

We have combined insights and practices in moving, sleeping, eating, breathing and reflecting in one program, that is tailored to your personal needs. When you are ‘stressed’ we focus on those vitality pillars that require attention and propel you towards ‘feeling calm’.

How our program works

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Unique 12 week program
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"Renewmyday offers me the right inspiration with 5-10 minute exercises that I can fit in my busy schedule, plus great practices to reduce stress.”

Eileen K, Huizen

Eileen K., Huizen
Member since January 2021

"Renewmyday has helped me to increase my vitality. I particularly love the daily breathing exercises and the wonderful recipes.”

Danielle S, Bussum

Danielle S., Bussum
Member sinde December 2021

“Being an artist I find it difficult to prioritise my vitality. Renewmyday keeps me conscious of the consequences of my decisions.”

Mark M, Amsterdam

Mark M., Amsterdam
Member since January 2022

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