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Air - Calming Breathing

Find your calming breathing rhythm

In this breath work routine you train a constant and calming breathing rhythm as well as breathing through your nose. Nasal breathing has many benefits. It filters out foreign particles (e.g. dust, bacteria), moisturises the air for optimal body uptake, releases nitric oxide that helps to widen blood vessels and improve oxygen circulation in your body. You will focus on lower abdominal breathing, to fill the lower blood-vessel rich part of your lungs, where oxygen absorption is optimal and release of carbon dioxide takes place in exchange. Training slow and long exhalations, will help to retain higher CO2 levels in our body that support oxygenation, blood circulation, widen the airways and calm your brain. 


Hi! I am Amanda MacRae, one of the experts for Renewmyday and a somatic therapist & breathwork practitioner. Originally from Sydney, now living and working in Amsterdam. My purpose for any teaching is to empower others to have a closer relationship with their total self by identifying and dissolving the limiting mental, emotional behavior pattern through the body. 

Join me and improve your breathwork! 



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