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Fire - Active Breathing

Use your breath to control stress

In this animated breathwork routine, you'll learn how to control stress and to put yourself in the driver’s seat. By inhaling forcefully and deeply and exhaling fully and rapidly, you inhale an excess of oxygen and produce adrenaline and cortisol, activating the sympathetic (fight / flight) nervous system. If then holding your breath, you increase your CO2 levels in your blood, building resistance for air hunger, which goes hand in hand with better managing ‘fight or flight’ stress symptoms.

Hi! I am Amanda MacRae, one of the experts for Renewmyday and a somatic therapist & breathwork practitioner. Originally from Sydney, now living and working in Amsterdam. My purpose for any teaching is to empower others to have a closer relationship with their total self by identifying and dissolving the limiting mental, emotional behavior pattern through the body. 

Join me and improve your breathwork! 



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