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Full body warm-up

Engage all muscles before your work-out

In this video Sarah demonstrates a super effective warming-up for any exercise that engages your muscles.  When performing any type of movement, your brain is sending signals to your muscle fibers to activate in order to perform that movement properly. Without a proper warm-up, your brain-muscle connection is not working properly yet and performing lighter repetitions of major movements first will allow the brain to get ready and increase the number of signals it sends to your muscles to activate so that when you start to perform your movements with higher tension, your muscle fibers will be firing appropriately.

Hi! My name is Sarah de Mol, one of the experts of Renewmyday. I’m a professional personal trainer, originally from London, now living and working in Amsterdam. I work with all ages and abilities, especially focusing on women's fitness. My purpose is helping and inspiring people to develop a strong body that helps you feel positive and happy.

Let me help you strengthen your body with my short workout videos, anytime and anywhere!



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