Using your mind - memory (1/3)

The great thing about getting rid of any habit or creating a new one is that you already have the most effective tool you’ll need: your mind. This week and next will highlight some of the tools in your tool box and show you how to use them FOR you and for your vitality goal.

Tool #1 Memory

Have you ever spent time replaying a conversation that didn’t go very well? It’s an unconscious habit many of us engage in: you think about something from the past that you don’t feel good about. In playing these negative experiences over and over again, you unconsciously relive the negative memory. Your subconscious mind feels and believes the experience is happening right now (even if it happened weeks, months or even years ago!). Though not deliberately, you bring back to the present moment the bad feeling you had ‘back then’. This is you using your memory against you. 

Be Your Own Coach

The next time you find yourself thinking about something from the past that has all the characteristics of an unpleasant memory, say out loud to yourself: ‘reject, delete’.  Any time you catch yourself replaying in your mind something from the past that doesn’t feel good when you think about it, affirm instead: I refuse to think or talk backward. Nothing back there will serve me.

After saying out loud: ‘reject, delete’ in response to a negative memory, fill the mental space right away (otherwise another negative thought or memory will replace it). 

5 great places for your attention:

  1. Your goal (remember: we think in pictures – create for your mind a picture of you demonstrating your vitality. See it now!)
  2. Something you truly appreciate (magnify it by writing down 5 things you appreciate)
  3. Uplifting music
  4. Taking a positive action toward your goal (for example: get inspired by one of Galit’s wonderful soup recipes or do a series of yoga stretches guided by Marlene).
  5. Making someone else feel important

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