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Binaural beats - Theta #4

Time - metronome

#binaural beats #theta 5 Hz #deep relaxation #rem sleep

Binaural beats are sound waves that are differently programmed for the left and right ear. You need to use a stereo head-set for your brain to optimally perceive the frequency difference between the waves entering the left and right ear. The difference in frequencies can be categorised into 5 different patterns: Delta pattern (0.5–4 Hz), Theta pattern (4-7 Hz), Alpha pattern (7-13 Hz), Beta pattern (13-30 Hz) and Gamma pattern (30-50 Hz). Each pattern is associated with different brain related benefits.

Hello there! My name is Stefan Kruyt, music producer for Renewmyday. By creating tracks and content for Renewmyday, I hope to connect with people through music, as it is a medium that does so in the most beautiful way possible. Meditative music has helped me become more calm, balanced and in tune with myself. This is what I am seeking to convey to you.


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