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Hi! My name is Nanda Lofvers one of the moving experts of Renewmyday. I’m a yoga & barre teacher. My purpose is to make people feel better about themself, by showing them how to move without expectations and the pose being the goal. 

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About Nanda

I also teach Therapeutic Yoga regarding reading drawings as a part of my Iconographic study in combination with holistic yoga sessions. I have a MA in Art, worked as a PA for the board of several big companies, such as Getronics, KPN, Givaudan. Had a modelling career and worked as an announcer for a broadcast company called Veronica and RTL. Started teaching yoga next to my 'regular' jobs. After I got a sincere accident I decided to dedicate my life to helping people feeling better and yoga was the way to do it. I started YogaLofvers which refers to Yoga Lovers, being yoga as a way of life. Taking care of yourself is not selfish but a smart thing to do, because if you know how to take care of yourself, you can take even better care of others and at the end it's all about sharing and caring. That being present is an important lesson to remember because you can't undo the past and not just live for the future, there is only the now, which is a gift and is therefore called present. Renewmyday is an unique platform to inspire people to move and take care of themselves in various ways. Self-care is about the whole package like moving, meditating, eating, grooming, sleeping, helping you find balance in everyday life.


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