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Our platform is accessible as a web app in your browser and provides access to our extensive content library.

Classified by vitality pillar, you'll find approachable workouts, yoga sessions, sleep tips, recipes and nutrition tips, breathing exercises and reflections.

Through your personal dashboard you will find everything that matters on your vitality journey.

Your (daily) program, vitality score with vital profile, your progress bar, information about our weekly support calls and events, and background information on all the experts!

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Our questionnaire

Logged in as a Renewer, you will find a questionnaire.

Thirty multiple-choice questions provide insight into your behavior regarding the five vitality pillars.

With your vitality score and vital profile, you can start your (daily) program.

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Your personal dashboard

On your personal dashboard you will find your Renewmyday calendar.

This way you have the dates with login details for our upcoming weekly support calls and events available in one place.

Through your dashboard you will also find your personal playlists of watched videos and listened to audiocasts, your favorite sessions and our latest content.

From your dashboard, you can navigate to your vital routine for the day with one click.

All interactive body, and mind sessions are in, and guided by our experts.

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Your vitality score and progress

Based on the answers to our questionnaire, you will receive your validity score.

This is a percentage of 100%.

Your vitality profile shows how you are doing in relation to the five vitality pillars.

Your progress bar shows how you are progressing based on weekly check-in moments.

Experience shows that your vitality score goes up by 15-20% after 12 weeks.

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"Being an artist I find it difficult to prioritise my vitality. Renewmyday keeps me conscious of the consequences of my decisions."

Eileen K, Huizen

Mark M., Amsterdam
Member since January 2022

"Renewmyday has helped me to increase my vitality. I particularly love the daily breathing exercises and the wonderful recipes."

Eileen K, Huizen

Danielle S., Bussum
Member sinde December 2021

"Renewmyday offers me the right inspiration with 5-10 minute exercises that I can fit in my busy schedule, plus great practices to reduce stress."

Eileen K, Huizen

Eileen K., Huizen
Member since January 2021

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