Our vision

In your most vital state, you are energized, motivated and feel "on top of the world.

Ready to get ahead of your dream life.

An important condition for getting there is putting your vitality number one.

And that requires a ‘vitality first’ mindset.

Our vitality routines are there to support you.

With five vitality pillars, Renewmyday offers you the most effective platform to get there.

Meet Fleur

"Be aware of what choices determine your vitality" says Fleur, one of our yoga teachers" who explains what it's all about here!

Fleur van Zonneveld
Get to know Fleur van Zonneveld

Why Renewmyday works!

Our vitality routines consist of blended interactive body and mind sessions, carefully designed to encompass all five vitality pillars. 

By integrating these pillars, they work in harmony, each one strengthening and complementing the others.

Here's the magic: when you move more, it positively impacts your sleep quality. Improved sleep, in turn, encourages healthier eating habits. And when you practice mindful breathing, it brings a sense of calmness, making it easier for you to reflect and make mindful (food) choices.

This synergy is what makes our approach so effective and efficient. By addressing multiple aspects of vitality simultaneously, we help you achieve holistic well-being in a way that's both sustainable and empowering.


Explore the power of five!

From routine to habit

It takes at least 66 days to learn a new habit.


That's why our platform is designed to inspire you to use the five pillars in your daily life.


Through your personal dashboard, you will receive a daily vital routine consisting of a combination of interactive body, and mind sessions, tips, articles and audiocasts.


This way you learn which routines help you manage your stress better, distribute your energy better, let go of negative thoughts, have more self-confidence, eat healthier, breathe more consciously and sleep better.


You can create your own routines with your own 'favorite playlist' of sessions that you like.


In one click accessible through your personal dashboard.

Initial vitality assessment

Your 12-weekly Program starts with a vitality assessment, with about 30 multiple-choice questions.  

The insights gained into your behavior with regard to the 5 vitality pillars lead to a vitality score.

This baseline measurement gives a good idea of which vitality pillars could use extra attention.

Experience shows that you can improve your vitality by 15-25% during your Program.

Start today

Personal dashboard

Through your personal dashboard, you get access to your Program. With short (audio) visual sessions and tips, you will be stimulated to improve your health habits.

Renewmyday raises your awareness of things that you normally already do. The extra time spent on the Program varies from 10 to 20 minutes per day.

If you miss a day or two, don't worry; you can always browse back in your Program.

Follow your progress

During your Program, there are several check-in moments to measure your progress.

Your input will affect your vitality score.

Via your personal dashboard, you can view your progress and vitality score at any time.

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Don't just take our word for it!

"Being an artist I find it difficult to prioritise my vitality. Renewmyday keeps me conscious of the consequences of my decisions."

Eileen K, Huizen

Mark M., Amsterdam
Member since January 2022

"Renewmyday has helped me to increase my vitality. I particularly love the daily breathing exercises and the wonderful recipes."

Eileen K, Huizen

Danielle S., Bussum
Member sinde December 2021

"Renewmyday offers me the right inspiration with 5-10 minute exercises that I can fit in my busy schedule, plus great practices to reduce stress."

Eileen K, Huizen

Eileen K., Huizen
Member since January 2021

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