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Hi! My name is Fleur, one of the experts of Renewmyday. Beside regular classes, I teach yoga teacher training, modules and at retreats. Currently I am also studying yoga therapy. 

The more I worked with the body, the more I got interested in the world beyond the body as well. This brought me to restorative yoga, yoga nidra, more in depth breath work and meditation. 



About Fleur

As a dancer,  I always wanted to get people out of their daily lives, patterns and conditioning. Show them, or rather remind them, of how magical life can be. I worked as a dancer for many years. This gave me a lot of joy, but also a lot of injuries. I turned back to yoga and learned my biggest lesson: self-care and the importance of it. 

Teaching or rather sharing yoga has the same purpose for me. When people leave all the daily life struggles for a moment and connect to themselves, to their breaths. Its enormous power stole my heart, for I believe it can change many people's life.  





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