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Hi! My name is Marlene Henny. I’m a yoga expert for Renewmyday and yoga teacher. My purpose is to inspire and change by teaching my students to become the best version of themselves and offer support and inspiration to others through mentorship and subject matter expertise. 

Let me help guiding you to challenge yourself, transform your body and shape your mind!


About Marlene

I come from a professional dance background from age 21 and enrolled into yoga after a 11 year dance career. After finishing a 3 year Iyengar Yoga teacher training I started to teach in yoga studios. I kept on developing myself in yoga and followed in-depth trainings for different styles of yoga like vinyasa yoga, restorative yoga, core strength yoga, Pilates. Today, I have19 years’ experience of working in the Yoga and Wellness industry. Vitality is something that is very important as I teach vitality all the time in both a physical and mental sense. For me, vitality refers to a feeling of aliveness, feeling healthy and capable and energetic. 


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